3D Hologram Advertising Display Fan 512p HD Built-in Batteries - 256 Lights

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  • ✅ 【Photo & HD Video Display as a Digital Photo Frame】Using the fan displays photos as replacement of digital photo frame for business like photo booth makes you stand out from the competiotion. Enjoying your favourite photos and videos anywhere.
  • ✅ 【Used for Advertising Purposes】Put 3D hologram advertising display fan on your counter to display advertising for your daily special. No just that mostly be shocked by the eye-catching black tech. High speed rotating led fan creates 3D images float in the air,makes the counter stand to be perfect at your business.
  • ✅ 【Realistic 3D effect】The 3D Hologram Fan image has no borders and backgrounds,makes you feel it completely appears in the air. Unique features and portability. Core feature to images as part of animation and 3D effect. 3D effect created by moving fan blades which has specialized LED. Widely used in department store,shopping mall,casino,bars,railway station signage display.
  • ✅ 【Safe and Easy to Use & Support Content Formats】The transparent protective cover gurantees safety to kids and minimize noise. The 3D Hologram Fan is steady. You can put it on a desk or hang it on the wall. It can act as a digital picture frame in displaying photos or videos. Easy to install and use.Formats include mp4,avi,rmvb,mkv,gif,jpg,png.
  • ✅ 【Professional Customer Service】 With that being said, we cannot control everything, in any case of delays we promise to communicate with transparency and work around the clock to ensure your expectations are met!