DLP Projector's 4K UHD Details

Some one always ask me 4K UHD details, ask XGIMI Lune4K if real 4K? ask JmGO X3 if real 4K?

As Ture, in the Market, a Mini projector still say itself 4K, a small projector, even those big seller still say it is 4K. 
And now, I use 3 easy photos to show out the details.

😄Photo 1, it show current Newest 2pcs DLP chips. One is 0.47" DMD, One is 0.65" DMD. 
And this 0.65" DMD still no real chips in the market, because Current TI's Production Process only reach 5.4um, still have no reach 3.7um, maybe already have but still no pop out the market. 
And as light, it wavelength need 700~2500nm, means that micromirror must need large than 2.5um. So if that 0.65" DMD make out, it already the top limit. 
Final, 5.4um already the Newest DLP Technology until now.

😄Photo 2, it show, As our normal thinking, need reach real 4k, should be need 4pcs 0.47" DMD, then it can full cover the screen. But in fact production, it no way to do so. If some one make it out, still will be very big much.

😄Photo 3, it show Current Newest DLP projection Technology, use 2pcs DLP chips to reach Real 4K. The final how to achieve 4k, I not know. But it already the Newest Best Technology.

In the market, I still only find 2 projector use this Newest Dual 0.47" DLP Technology. JmGO X3 and XGIMI Lune4K.

But both all only Chinese Version. and Only XGIMI Lune4K can perfect brush setup to English and Global languages support. For JmGO X3, still no find out the translation way. Hope can rush it.

😁Order it from Amazon:

JmGO X3 - Chinese Version


😄😄For expensive machine, the Amazon and eBay selling cost still very high. If can believe me, can messenger me order it and bank transfer directly, can save much selling cost.

Enjoy it!😄